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Valorant Sage Guide: Abilities & Gameplay

Who is Agent Sage ?

Sage creates safety for herself and her team wherever she goes. Able to revive fallen friends and stave off forceful assaults, she provides a calm center to a hellish battlefield.

Agent Sage is the support and healer of Valorant 

Valorant Sage Abilities:

Signature Ability: Healing Orb

Heal an ally or yourself to full health over a few seconds.

  • There is an indicator on her friendly Jett teammate who is about half HP.
  • Sage has to hold the orb out while she tries to cast it leaving her vulnerable to attacks.
  • She has to be in line of sight with her injured teammate, in order to be able to cast it.
  • When applied it instantly fully heal her teammate (or herself) to full HP.
  • It doesn’t have travel time and she is not throwing it like her other orb.
  • This is her signature ability and thus it has a 35sec cooldown and she can cast it multiple times every round.

Slow Orb

Cast out a radianite orb that breaks into a slowing field upon impact with the ground. All caught in the field are slowed, grounded, and make noise when moving.

  • The slow orb has a travel time like a projectile.
  • It only pops once the orb hit the floor, so you can throw it on a wall and it will bounce off and change direction.
  • Sage can carry two slow orbs at a time.
  • This ability has no cooldown and you only get 2 orbs per round.
  • The slow effect is powerfull and is estimated to be at least 50%.
  • Not just slowed, enemies are grounded (can’t jump) and make noise when moving.
  • The area of effect is surprisingly big, it can cover an entire doorway, but it takes a while to spread to its full size.

Barrier Orb

Conjure a large, solid wall. Right-click to rotate the wall before casting.

  • The wall is chunky, and it can lift Sage or any other player upwards as it casts.
  • Sage can’t do anything else while casting the wall, she hides her weapon making her vulnerable during the casting time.
  • While activating this ability there is a little menu that pops up showing various things you can do with the wall, we don’t exactly know what they do but we can probably speculate left mouse click is: place the wall, right click is rotate it 90 degrees, and C is most likely cancel.
  • The wall can take damage, and have sections destroyed.
  • The wall has Four sections.
  • This ability also has no cooldown and you can cast only 1 wall per round.
  • The wall can be used to block off lines of sight.
  • The wall can be used to elevate you or members of your team and give a surprise advantage.
  • Although not confirmed, It can probably elevate enemy members blocking them from defusing the spike for example.

Ultimate: Resurrection

Target a friendly corpse. After a short delay, revive them with full health.

  • We don’t know if it is an area of effect where Sage can revive multiple corpses on the ground or she can revive only one fallen teamate.
  • She can use it once per round.

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Written by LePu

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