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New Valorant Agent Leaked [Pictures]

We have a clear look at Reyna the new agent in Valorant coming June 2nd.

Valorant BR uploaded a Raze trailer on Twitter and YouTube revealing the 11th Valorant agent, a sexy girl with purple eyes and a darker purple outfit.

Agent name is confirmed to be Reyna from the tweet too #ReynaIsHere
Riot BR twitter uploaded a new banner for their twitter account featuring Reyna and hyping the release on June 2nd, 2020

So we know what the agent looks like, we know her name “Reyna” we know she is from LATAM, we know she likes purple, and we know she has some kind of orb ability, that’s all the leaks so far, make sure you subscribe to get the full review once we get our hands on the agent.

Written by LePu

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