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How to Play Valorant Beta


  • April 7th.
  • Limited number of players.
  • EU & NA only.
  • Streamers will grant invites

When Valorant Closed Beta ?

Playing Valorant might be sooner than we think as Riot Games announced the date of the closed beta would be April 7th, This will be a closed beta meaning it will be available only for a limited number of players.

How do I get access to Valorant Closed Beta ?

Riot explained Valorant access will be a twitch drop, this means that there will be a big twitch event probably with your favorite streamers, they will play Valorant and invite some of us to play in the closed beta.

In order to be eligible for an invite: 

The number of players is limited, and they said they will let more and more people play in the future, this is because of server capacity specifically with the pandemic causing more problems and setbacks.

The beta is for players only residing in the U.S, Europe, Canada, Russia, and Turkey. beta testing will get to more regions as we get to the official global lunch in summer 2020. 

If you get access and play in Valorant closed beta, your progress will carry out to the official lunch and you’ll get all the ingame items and skins you’ve bought in beta, and you’ll get a 20% bonus on top of all the money you earned in Valorant. SWEET

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Written by LePu

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