Valorant Weapons Explained: Ultimate Guide

Valorant Weapons Tips You Should know:

  • 5 Sidearms 2 SMGs 2 Shotguns 4 Rifles 2 Snipers 2 Heavy for a total of 17 weapons in the game.
  • You can buy a weapon while moving.
  • You can buy a weapon for your teammate and vice versa; right click on the weapon you want and it’ll notify your team that you want to buy this weapon, they can buy it for you with a click of a button from anywhere on the map during the 40sec buy phase.
  • On the upper left you have a picture of your Agent, Creds you have available to buy, minimum cred you’ll get next round (you’ll get an extra 200 creds for kills and more on planting/defusing..etc), your current weapon and shield on hand.
  • You can communicate and strategize with your team using the 3 buttons available to you, Let’s buy / I have extra creds (in-game money) / Let’s Save.

Valorant Weapon Stats:

From snipers with hight damage to SMGs with high fire rate, every weapon has unique stats and can be effective in a context, weapons range from automatic to semi-automatic, they do more damage to the head than other parts of the body, they also do more damage to enemies less than 30m away compared to enemies that are between 30m and 50m, damage is reduced on enemies with shields.

SIDEARMS: Classic Pistol

  • You spawn with this pistol.
  • Basic pistol, doesn’t headshot (78 to head), alt fire (right-click) is a 3 round burst.


  • Cheap pistol (200creds), it’s like a mini shotgun.
  • Most effective close range.
  • Doesn’t have an Alt-fire (no right-click).
  • Huge spread.
  • Not recommended unless you are saving for next round.


  • 400 Cred.
  • Fully automatic pistol with no Alt fire.
  • Decent damage, good on a save round.
  • 13 bullet on a magazine, most effective close range.


  • 500 CRED.
  • Silent pistol, can headshot when close range and no shield (105 damage)


  • 800 CRED.
  • Oneshot most people unless they are too far away or heavy armor.
  • The faster you shoot, the more inaccurate it is, slower taps are the way to go, very high wall penetration, you can shoot enemies through most walls.

PS: Let's talk about wall penetration mechanics:

Some weapons do so much damage that bullets will penetrate walls to hit enemies behind them, the Sheriff pistol, for example, penetrates most walls, so enemies hiding behind that wall can get hit.

Wall penetration depends on the strength of the weapon, the thickness of the wall and type of building blocks.

  • The OPERATOR Sniper will penetrate almost all walls and covers while the classic pistol will not.
  • A thick wall is more resistant to wall penetration than a thin wall.
  • A wall is more resistant to wall penetration than a wooden cover.

Valorant has a very good indicator ingame to let you know whether your shot did penetrate the wall or not.

When you shoot a wall and see a dent like the picture above, that means your bullets didn’t penetrate the wall, you’ll need a bigger gun to shoot through it.

In the case of wall penetration, bullets will form a hole in the wall letting you know that your bullets did go through the wall and enemies sitting behind it can get hit.

Okay, Moving on to SMGs: STINGER

  • 1000 CRED.
  • Shoots really fast 18 rounds per sec.
  • Alt fire which 4 round burst.
  • Low wall penetration.
  • Excellent on a save round.


  • 1600 CRED
  • Shoots a little slower, but do more damage.
  • Has a zoom mode with slight spread reduction.
  • An efficient weapon with good damage even against armored opponents.
  • Can penetrate through small/medium walls.


  • 900 CRED.
  • Semi-automatic shotgun.
  • Right-click fires a bullet with less spread.


  • 1500 CRED.
  • Fully automatic shotgun.
  • Spread gets bigger the more you shoot.


  • 2100 CRED.
  • More like your budget rifle.
  • 160 to the head.
  • Right-click: 3 round burst.


  • 2700 CRED
  • This gun is made for the aim gods, you think you can aim ? this rifle is for you.
  • Semi-automatic with very low spread, spread get very high when shooting multiple bullets.
  • Oneshot to the head at almost any distance.
  • Kind of single tap, hit your head shots and move on.


  • 2900 CRED.
  • Suppressed, a little quieter weapon.
  • Right-Click slow down the fire rate but gives more accuracy.


  • 2900 CRED.
  • Headshot easily.
  • Think of this like the AK-47 in CS:GO
  • Right-Click slow down the fire rate but gives more accuracy.


  • 1100 CRED.
  • Semi automatic sniper, can oneshot the body if no armor.
  • Always oneshot in the head.
  • Very accurate when not zooming, shoot fast.
  • Solid weapon for a good aimer.


  • 4500 CRED
  • Your standard big boy sniper.
  •  Oneshot the body, definitely oneshot the head.
  • Double zoom.
  • Wall penetration is high, you can shoot through the thickest wall. 


  • 1700 CRED.
  • High magazine count, shoot really fast and wall penetration is high.
  • Has a good multiplier when crouched, more accurate while crouching.
  • Good stationary hold crouch hold mouse shoot through walls weapon.


  • 3200 CRED.
  • Big gun, high magazin count, high wall penetration.

Written by LePu


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