Valorant Advanced AIM GUIDE: Sensitivity, Peeking, Counter-Strafing

Aiming is the most important skill Valorant, a good aimer wins games! from mouse sensitivity to counter-strafing, we are going to take an advanced course on aiming tactics, we have gifs for you to watch, exercises to do and more to help you master aiming in Valorant like a Pro, let’s get started shall we.

Valorant Sensitivity:

Mouse sensitivity is basically how fast your crosshair moves based on your mouse movements, it’s a number that you can adjust in settings, and it will be different from player to player based on their mouse DPI, mousepad space and tendencies to aim with their wrists vs their forearms.

An important thing to know is the relationship between your mouse DPI (how fast your mouse is) and Sensitivity, this is called “eDPI” which is basically how fast your crosshair will move in-game based on a certain mouse DPI and Sensitivity.

eDPI = Mouse DPI x Sensitivity

So a high mouse DPI needs a low sensitivity setting to balance out the eDPI and vice-versa.

Since most people use one mouse for a long time, we are going to only adjust sensitivity in game to find what comfortable for you.

A low sensitivity setting gives you more control to perform precise movements, but also requires you to move your mouse more and thus requiring more space, a good place to start is the 40-80 eDPI range, and then adjust sensitivity as needed, you can find below a comparison between 40 eDPI and 160 eDPI ways of playing.

400 DPI (constant sensitivity) movements: slow, requires more space but you have more control.

The same movement, this time with 1600 DPI (constant sensitivity), faster, requires less space, but has less accuracy.

Most pro-FPS players are in the 40-80 eDPI range with mouse DPI between 400-800, they have large mousepads and they aim with their forearms or elbows, start here and adjust the sensitivity settings until you find what works for you.

Practice a lot until you find what suits you, and if you are coming from another FPS game you can convert your sensitivity level based on the picture below.

Peeking Angles the Right Way:

In Valorant, whether you are playing offense or defense, you will have to peek an angle multiple times per round, peeking an angle the proper way is crucial for winning games, this skill alone can be the difference between a top tier player and an average player.

When you peek an angle, you need to separate the angle into pieces and clear them one by one, think where your enemy’s head could be and peek the angle segment by segment.

Don’t hug the wall, stay slightly away, this will make you look smaller in the eyes of enemies making it harder for them to shoot you, combine this with crosshair placement and counter-strafing (more on those below) and you’ll be a top tier peek god.

Exercise: in practice mode, pick an angle and peek it the proper way, do it many times until it becomes second nature.

Valorant Recoil control:

Recoil control in Valorant is moving your mouse in the opposite direction of the spray pattern, you manipulate the kick and sway of the gun to shoot bullets at the original placement of your crosshair.

Every gun in Valorant has its own spray pattern, a spray pattern is formed when you shoot all the gun magazine without stopping, at first it might seem random, but there is a method to the madness.

Some players think they have to have perfect mastery of full spray patterns to be good, although important, it is not necessary; as long as you know the most general pattern of the first 5 shots or so, you’re honestly good to go. You’re rarely going to live through letting out 20+ shots against an opponent, so learning the full pattern is only super important for top tier players.

Notice how most Valorant recoil controls starts with “go down”, controlling the first 3-5 bullets, 10 at most, then reset, this will greatly reduce recoil. focus on the speed you’re pulling down your mouse, it’ll be diffrent for every weapon.

Crosshair Placement:

Let’s talk about a habit that is very easy to master and very effective in Valorant, it is the Number #1 Rule of any FPS game including Valorant:

Aim for the HEAD!

Most people have their crosshairs aiming down in body region, they do this unconsciously when they move, they have their crosshairs aiming downward and when they are in a face-off battle with an enemy, they almost always aim for the body.

Meanwhile, if you watch any professional FPS gamer, you almost always watch his crosshair up in head level, when he moves he aims upward, his crosshair is constantly at a spot where he thinks enemies might be.

Unless you have a sniper, it is always better to have your crosshair at head level when moving/peeking, assume someone is there where you’re about to look and aim for their head, in a battle, you’d have your crosshair closer to their head and thus giving you a split-second advantage, that millisecond advantage will get you the win.

Aim Accuracy VS Movements:

There are three ways you can move in Valorant:

  • Crouching: You move slow, you make minimal sounds, and your accuracy is highest.
  • Walking: You move normal speed, you make average Sounds, and your accuracy is average too.
  • Running/Jumping: You move fast, You make a lot of noises, and you have no accuracy at all.

Just like any other FPS, the slower you move the more accurate your shooting is, and the faster you move the faster you lose your gun accuracy, (ultimately, you’d want to stop moving when you’re shooting an enemy) —> Counter-Strafing joins the chat!

Counter-Strafing in Valorant, How does it work?

Counter-strafing is an advanced way of shooting accurately while moving, it is very useful when peeking angles.

Notice in the gif above how PVPX is accurately shooting, no spread because he is counter-strafing, peeking right and as soon as he starts shooting, he runs the opposite direction.

You Counter-Strafe by:

  • Running around a corner.
  • As soon as you start shooting, you go the opposite direction.

You cancel out your momentum by moving in the opposite direction, doing this will reset the accuracy of your weapon as if you were standing still.

Notice how he also shoots 3-5 bullets at a time aiming for the head, just like what we talked about in recoil control.

Exercise: Practice counter-strafing a lot by: Peek right while sprinting, Shoot while Sprinting Left, Repeat.

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