This Mini-LOL Game Teaches You How to Get Better at League of Legends

Faker plays it everyday, Practice your Dodging, kiting and Skillshots in this mini-game, No Downloads required.

What is it ? is a website that contains multiple mini-games that help you improve your abilities in league of legends, pros are starting to use it for practice, including Faker (3 times Worlds champion and best lol player in the History of league) recently played it on stream.

Get better at Skillshots with this game

in this game you can play with a 2d version of Ezreal on what looks like the rift and kill enemies approaching at you at an increasing speed, you can adjust the difficulty, and survive for the longest time possible, you have the Ezreal dash and Flash to use too, Simple yet very beneficial for improving your skillshots and APM at any game.

Recently, SWOMPY Gamer and Developer of this project added Xerath as a second champion, you can use Xerath abilities just like in league of legends including flash. 

Get better at Dodging with this game

Play as a minified version of Zed dodging skill-shots that gets harder and harder, stay longer and score higher points, this game is exceptionally useful in helping you increase your reaction speed,  avoid an Ahri charm, Morgana Q, or Jinx Ult, or any skill-shot cc in ganks and team-fights.

A similar yet more effective way pros practice improving their reaction times is the CLG Performance Facility in California, here is Aphromoo and Huhi explaining some of the performance games they have in there.

Get better at Farming with this game

Play as Vayne and farm as much CS as possible while staying alive longer.

Get better at Kiting with this game​

In League of Legends, kiting is an essential offensive and defensive technique for all players, but it’s especially important for mid laners and ADCs to master this mechanic. The goal of kiting is to create distance from your opponent while dealing as much damage as possible.

Ashe’s a good one for it, against a melee hero. Imagine a melee hero trying to chase you down, and you’re running away and using Frost Arrows to keep him from ever catching up.

Go to the website and practice now! 

you can find more guides and tutorials on the Rift #HOW TO GET BETTER AT LEAGUE

Written by LePu

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