These True Damage Cosplays are the definition of Perfection!

true damage cosplay

Virtual hip-hop group True Damage was born when K/DA’s lead rapper Akali sought to bring together the distinct talents of Ekko, Senna, Qiyana, and Yasuo in an ambitious, genre-defying collaboration.

Ahead of the virtual group debut, November 10, 2019 Riot commissioned some of the best cosplayers known in the industry to make the perfect costumes, weapons, and looks of the five new skins of the champions in league of legends.

True Damage Akali Cosplay by Stella Chuu

Stella is a self taught artist and Professional cosplay model. She dedicates her days to creating cosplay and promoting geek culture.

true damage akali cosplay

We had the pleasure to get more picture from her on Instagram <3

True Damage Qiyana cosplay by NadyaSonika

Nadya Anton, better known as Nadyasonika, is an international cosplayer, as well as an Industrial Designer and Model, hailing from Mexico.  She has made over 60 cosplays in the last 10 years,

True Damage Senna Cosplay by Mica Burton

Michaela Jean Estelle “Mica” Burton is an American actor, cosplayer, tiefling enthusiast, and Overwatch League interviewer.

true damage senna cosplay

True Damage Yasuo by Johnny Junkers

Gamer. Weab. Prop Slave. Corgi Fancier

True Damage Ekko by Kadu_Out

True damage Ekko
True Damage ekko

Written by LePu

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