These K/DA Cosplayers Remade a LIVE version of KDA music video

Four cosplayers – Sakurakiii, Flantan, prprtracy, and dovahting – mirrored K/DA – POP/STARS music video moves almost flawlessly while showing off their on-point cosplay.

Back in August, Flantan the Akali cosplayer flew out to Montreal to attend Otakuthon for the first time and joined her friends Sakurakiii (Ahri), prprtracy (Evelyn), Dovahting (Kai’sa); KDA cosplay dance cover!

In one evening they had to practice the dance together, and then filmed the project over the next 4 days.

The videographer was such a trooper with filming all our scenes and did an incredible of the vfx. 

Ahri – Sakurakiii
Akali – Flantan
Evelyn – prprtracy
Kai’sa – Dovahting

3D models – lil_bibbi
Assistant camera – tdude64
Filming/editing/vfx – ziyangyip.prods

Kai’sa – Dovahting

Ahri – Sakurakiii

Evelyn – prprtracy

Akali – Flantan

Written by LePu

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