TALIYAH Botlane Guide: Best APC Season 2020!

Taliyah bot is meta right now as Taliyah APC has good early game over traditional ADCs, runes, items.

Who run the botlane right now? Taliyah APC


Taliyah APC botlane best champion right now, needs hard CC support like Pantheon or Thresh, early power spike, early snowball and objective focus. 

Runes & Items

Start with Doran’s ring with two pots, Doran’s ring helps with your mana sustain in the early lanning phase as Taliyah combo uses a lot of mana early.

on your first recall try getting Lost chapter to solve all mana problems, and then finish your boots.

Core build should contain Luden’s Echo, Sorc shoes and Morellonomicon for its gold efficiency, and it’s especially good against self-healing champions like Aatrox and Vladimir.

Once you have your core items ready, you have a few choices, you can go Void Staff for more damage, you can go Deathcap if you’re ahead and want more AP, if you’re playing against assassin’s like Zed or Talon build zhonyas.

Domination as your main tree with Dark Harvest, you can also go Electricute, the difference between them is that Dark Harvest outperforms Electrocute once you get into mid game and further.

Dark Harvest/ Cheap Shot – Eyeball collection – Ravenous hunter.

Precision/ Presence of mind – Coup de Grace with two Adaptive Force + Armor.

Max Q E then W, if you are against mobile supports with a lot of dashes like Rakan, maxing E first can be beneficial, champions with a lot of dashes will easily proc the bonus damage from your E.


Taliyah bot is a kill lane, her Q is her main damage source and with how bad traditional ADCs are right now, more and more people are pivoting to Taliyah in botlane and are having a lot of success with her.

With her 1000 range unit, she pretty much outranges most ADCs in botlane, she can easily kite them and it allows you get priority lane at level 1.

Use her range and strong Q at lvl1 to shove lane as fast as possible, you have a range advantage and a strong Q and you should abuse it early.

Once enemy botlane get under their turret you can still continuously poke them under turret with your Q, and if one of them make a misstep, you can easily use your combo to get the kill. 

Your Support

You want a support that has good CC and good damage and is early to mid-game focused champions like Thresh or Pantheon are optimal Leona and Nautilus, Alistar and Braum can also do the job but, Peal supports like Janna or Soraka aren’t a good fit.

Early game Dominance:

Taliyah Botlane need a support with hard CC like Pantheon or Thresh to unsure landing her Combo every time, one W E Q combo costs half of her mana bar early game, so it’s crucial she lands it every time, and a Thresh hook will definitely ensure that. 

Don’t hesitate to go for trades as Taliyah is strong against almost all traditional ADCs early game, and if a Thresh hook is landed or Pantheon stun use your combo to remove at least 80% HP of your opponent.

Mid Game Roaming:

Taliyah gets her mid game lead by roaming, her ultimate and her passive give her insane mobility around the map, and since you are in botlane you only have the option to go mid, so you can roam with your support after clearing out the wave and pushing enemy botlane to their turret. use Q to clear the wave fast and roam with your CC heavy support, once you get your gank done, you can use Taliyah’s Ultimate to get back to your lane faster and catch up your minion wave.

While Taliyahs’ ultimate is not as useful when you’re playing her in botlane compared to Mid, you can still get a lot of value walling off ADCs coming to lane, this tactic can make enemy ADCs miss one or more waves in the process giving you a lead, you can also wall off junglers from getting to monsters or dragon and give yourself and your team more time to contest those objectives.

Late Game Objective focus:

As a mage, you’re not going to outscale the damage of a late-game AD carry, so make sure you end the game as fast possible, always push for objectives, if you win a team fight your next move must be taking an objective and building from that, Taliyah bot is an early mid champion and she will fall off quickly in the late game.

Written by LePu

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