Sexy Christmas Ahri Cosplay by Astrozenith [Pictures]

The 19yo beautiful cosplayer and Evelyn main Mari Astrozenith unveils pictures of her Christmas Ahri cosplay this year.

Astrozenith is a 19yo old cosplayer and league of legends gamer, Last year, she did a Christmas Eve(lynn) skin but this year she took it a step further with the Christmas Ahri skin.

Amongst other cosplays from the League of legends univers, she also made cosplay of the basic Ahri skin, and one of her best ones was the Chrismas Evelynn skin last year.

the idea of the bauble as the orb of deception was a nice and creative addition to the cosplay, the lighting was perfect and the poses speak confidence and charm, just like an Ahri charm.

Written by LePu

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