List of Valorant Streamers that give Twitch Drops

Valorant closed beta starts April 7th, around 50000 players will have access, and you can get in by watching a streamer from this list.

How do I get a Closed Beta Key?

The only one way to obtain a Closed Beta Key is by watching these Twitch Streamers with drops enabled. you get drops by linking your Twitch account with your Riot account and watching streamers.

Read this article to learn how to link your twitch account to your riot account and enable twitch drops.

When will Twitch Drops start?

7 pm CET on the 3rd of April, and will last until April 7th the day of closed beta lunch.

How many players will get drops ?

Depends on server capacity, sources say more than 50,000 players per server that can get a beta account.

Do I get a higher chance of obtaining a drop if I watch multiple streamers at once ?

No, you can’t get a higher chance if you open multiple streams at once, you’ll be eligible to earn drops once per account per device.

Can play Valorant Closed Beta if I live in .. ?

The beta is for players only residing in the U.S, Europe, Canada, Russia, and Turkey. beta testing will get to more regions as we get to the official global lunch in summer 2020. 

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List of all streamers with Valorant Twitch Drops:

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