Jett Advanced Tips You Need To Know!

Jett is a strong duelist, mastering Jett can make you win entire rounds by yourself, she has all the abilities she needs to ace entire teams by herself, a skilled Jett player can use her agility and deadly abilities to win not only any 1v1 but also ace an entire team

Here you’ll learn some advanced Jett tips & tricks that are a little challenging to master but at the same time very rewarding, make sure you practice a lot before you use them in a real game.


  • You can jump further when pressing Q and JUMP at the same time.
  • You jump about 30% more compared to Q followed by Jump.
  • This will allow you to peak from above surprising your enemies, remember, your weapon spread widens when in the air so this advanced jump can only be useful with your ult.
  • You can also use this advanced Jett jump to get over walls or get to higher covers that no other agent can get to.


  • Jett Updraft propels her upwards after a brief wind up; if you use updraft underneath the edge of a door it will obliquely propel you giving you a suprise advantage, use your ult to finish the job.
  • all rectangular doors can do the job, but it doesn’t work on door frames that are rounded.


  • In Bind, you can double updraft from the fountain to the high building allowing you to peek B without getting noticed.

Jett Advanced B Hall Smoke:

  • Throw Smoke, keep Holding the Smoke button while directing the smoke projectile with your mouse, you can throw the smoke in a hall without peeking.
  • In the GIF above you can see how the smoke can go through B hall while Jett stays safe behind, use this tactic before you peek on enemies, the smoke projectile will follow your mouse until it hit the ground.

Jett updraft + Sage wall to peek long A

  • In Haven map, you can get your Sage friend to lift you with her wall, then go updraft and you’ll be able to peek A, use your ult to pick some enemies, they won’t know what hit them.
  • If you don’t have a sage friend, you can just use updraft twice and it’ll get you up enough to peek A.

Jett Advanced Smoke on Haven

  • This one needs a lot of practice to master. you can throw a smoke that covers double stack + the peaker’s angle on Haven (attack), position yourself beside the corner and aim for the edge of the roof, throw the smoke and hold C, lower your mouse down and release C. After some practice can consistently get this smoke to cover double stack + the peaker’s angle.

Jett Advanced Smoke to window on Haven attack:

  • Get against the corner of the blocks, and throw the smoke while holding the smoke button and aim for the window with your mouse, smooth movement from the window to that junction hits it.
  • Keep practicing and you’ll consistently cover the window with smoke and provide a safe passage for your team.

Jett Ult can be switched off:

  • Let’s say you ulted, used 2 daggers and you want to save the other 3 for anothe fight in the same round; you can do that by switching to your weapon, click 1, you get your weapon out without losing the daggers left in your ult,  press “X” again to switch back to the daggers, however You can’t save you ult to the next round.
  • When ulting, Jett gets a mouvement speed, use your ult to get positioned faster and switch back to your weapon once you’re in position.
  • You can actually b-hop really fast while using it just like holding a knife but faster.

Written by LePu

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