How to Counter-Strafe in VALORANT?

Counter-strafing is one of the most important skills to master if you want to get better in Valorant, a skilled player knows how to counter-strafe and uses this skill almost unconsciously in games and face-offs.

In this article, we have gifs for you to watch, exercises to do and more to help you master counter-strafing in Valorant like a Pro, let’s get started, shall we.

What is counter-strafe in Valorant?

If you press D you strafe right, and if you press A you strafe left, Strafing is moving, and counter-strafing is moving in the opposite direction.

Why counter-strafe in Valorant?

Counter-strafing is an advanced way of shooting accurately while moving, it is very useful when peeking angles, all pro-players have a deep understanding of counter-strafing and use it all the time.

Notice how PVPX is accurately shooting, no spread because he is counter-strafing, He peeks right and as soon as he starts shooting, he runs the opposite direction.

You cancel out your momentum by moving in the opposite direction, doing this will reset the accuracy of your weapon as if you were standing still.

Another reason to learn counter-strafing in Valorant is the accurate first bullet rule; it’s a hidden rule in Valorant that makes the first shot of any weapon always 100% accurate if you stand still, you can test this by shooting one bullet while not moving, that bullet will always hit the center of your crosshair, counter-strafing allows you to abuse this rule and get 100% accurate first bullet resets over and over.

Is there Counter-strafing in Valorant?

If you are coming from CS:GO then you understand how important counter-strafing is. In Valorant it is still highly recommended but not as necessary or punishing (if you don’t do it).

Counter strafing in Valorant will give you an advantage over your opponents, it will make your shooting more accurate and will improve your overall win rate.

How to Counter-Strafe in Valorant?

You Counter-Strafe by:

  • Peeking an angle or running around a corner.
  • As soon as you start shooting, you go the opposite direction.

You cancel out your momentum by moving in the opposite direction, doing this will reset the accuracy of your weapon as if you were standing still.

Counter Strafing Practice Tips:

in order to learn how to counter-strafe properly go into practice mode and follow the 4 easy steps below:

  • STEP 01: If you are just trying to learn how to counter-strafe I would recommend using a dynamic crosshair in practice, the dynamic crosshair will allow you to see how your crosshair resets once you start using counter-strafing (You can deactivate this setting later).
Activating movement error Valorant
  • STEP 02: Practice counter-strafing by: Moving Right (D) –> (Shoot) and Press (A) at the same time, your goal should be to accurately shoot all bullets at the same point, if your shots get all over the place you’re not doing it the right way.

This is a basic two-step counter strafe called “AD counter strafe” named after the buttons you click to do it.

  • STEP 03: Next is the “ADAD counter strafe” where you jiggle left and right and shoot at the precise moment of zero momentum, this one is more challenging to learn, keep practicing until it becomes second nature.
  • STEP 04: Go outside and shoot some drones while strafing and counter-strafing, this simulates the games very well as you’re gonna have to be moving in-game, you need to get to a point where it looks like you’re moving and shooting accurately, but behind the scenes, you’re counter strafing hard.

Counter Strafing Alternatives:

While counter strafing is an advanced skill to learn, there are other ways to shoot accurately while moving, Walk Shooting is one of them, this is a technique where you walk as soon as you fire your first shot by pressing shift (or your walk key).

Some people bind their walk key (shift in most cases) with their shooting key (Left mouse button) to automatically walk shoot.

There is also crouch shooting where you crouch when you shoot, we talked about this in detail in a seperate article.

These types of shooting were proven accurate by some pros but counter strafing is still a clear winner here.

Written by LePu

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