CoreJJ Teaches You How to Support like a Pro

TL CoreJJ Ultimate Support Guide:

Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in is a Korean player who currently plays as Support for Team Liquid.

CoreJJ decided to teach us how to support starting with Laning Phase.

#1 Positioning in lane:

Position yourself parallel to enemy support, preferable on the side of the bush, this allows you to engage and hide from enemy ADC auto attacks.

2. Mind the RANGE!

When you engage with your CC within the range of your ADC, You win!

The best engage is using your CC on enemy ADC within the range of your ADC.

Don’t stay behind your team ADC as this position is dangerous for him, he could get CCed by enemy support easily.

Always go in and out of enemy range, stay within his max range, this confuses the enemy and make him decide whether to poke you or go for CS, besides it keeps you close and ready for a CC chain if your jungler is bot for a gank.

3. Applying Pressure

Always look for creating a 2v1 situation, it looks like a triangle where you and your ADC are the base, this situation is deadly for enemy ADC, don’t back off from your ADC, unless you want to recall.

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Written by LePu

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