CoreJJ How To Support Guide ep2: Critical Thinking

This is Episode number 2 of CoreJJ support guide if you missed the first episode you can find it here.


No matter what champion you play, you must have basis to engage.

One of the most important things is Check Skill Cooldowns, this helps covering losing matchups and even winning it, it also gives an advantage in a tying matchup, If the enemy dosn’t have a skill, it’s the right time to engage.

For example: if enemy Alistar wasted his E, that’s a basis to engage, use that advantage to punish him, if you engage with a solid basis, than you hardly lose the fight.

Enemy Kaisa uses her W, you engage / Enemy Ezreal uses E, Engage, But make sure your ADC is there and you have the 2v1 advantage we talked about in the first episode.

CoreJJ pinging a dummy

What if my ADC is garbage ?

“Well, in that case I suggest you roam”

Other important cooldwon to keep an eye on are “Aftershock” and “Guardian

Without Aftershock (Immobilizing an enemy champion grants bonus armor and bonus magic resistance for 2.5 seconds, Cooldwon 35s), tank supports are a piece of meat, so if enemy alistar fails engage you have a 35 second window to engage and you’ll have higher chances of winning, click on enemy Alistar and check Aftershock cooldown in the top left corner.

Tip: Since Aftershock cooldown is 35s and Guardian is 40-70s, If you are using Aftershock and enemy has Guardian, you can utilize the cooldown advantage and engage as soon as your aftershock is up, but, before any of this, always create the 2v1 situation we talked about in the first episode. 

Every play must have a reason.

Team jungler is coming, cooldown advantage, no flash, no ult, enemy jungler is far away, etc.. are reasons for you to engage, Never engage because you are tilted.

I understand that “TILT” could be one of the reasons you engage, but if you do engage because of tilt, you rely only on your outplay, this has a lower chance of winning compared to a time when you have many more reasons to engage.

You must always answer “why I want to engage at this moment?” the more reasons you have, the better your chances of winning.


When CoreJJ transitioned from ADC to Support (summer split 2016) he was curious about whether Alistar can fight at lvl1, so he just tried it, he lost and got flamed, but he learned that Alistar can’t fight lvl1, that’s a Know-How.

Make your own hypothesis, try it and make your own know-how like a scientist.

“I take notes for every matchup and learn by trying and failing, it’s okay to die in soloque, it would be worth if you come up with a new know-how from that experience”.

“I can even win losing matchups by exploiting some hidden advantages that I learned and tested previously in my notes”.

Remember the conditions when your champion is weak or strong, and play around your know-hows.

You can’t always outplay your opponents, but you can always think! for example if you engage because enemy aftershock is in cooldown and you still lose, then you know that you’re in an absolutely losing matchup, and next time you require more reasons to engage in this specific matchup.

You engaged because you had a 2v1 advantage, still lost, then you learn that you should avoid fighting at that time with this champion.

Think, Try, Learn, Win!


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Written by LePu

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