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Valorant Release Date; New Game Mode, Agent, and Map

In this article we are going to take a look at a bunch of news about Valorant official release date, Headshot desync, how many agents are going to be at launch, a new game mode and map and all you need to know to prepare.

Valorant Release Date:

Valorant is officially releasing on June 2nd, 2020.
It was announced by Riot executive producer Anna Donlon and Game Director Joe Ziegler in a 56sec video from their homes. #QUARANTINE

Apparently, the closed beta will also be ending on the 28th of May only giving a few days break in between the beta and the official launch.

According to Anna, this was the date that she and the dev team always wanted but the reason they kept saying summer 2020 was that they were concerned they wouldn’t make it because of the coronavirus pandemic.

How many agents will Valorant have at launch?

Riot announced there will be 11 agents on release, there were supposed to be 12 but one of them didn’t make the cut as they had some problems balancing the 10 already in beta, this twelfth agent will be coming soon after the official release.

We know that the 11th agent is coming June 2nd, and Riot said the new agent might be a little spicy ??
Look closely at the picture of agents above, on the far right we see the new agent leg most likely a girl wearing heels.

Valorant New Map:

The new Valorant Map has been confirmed a Venice inspired map that everyone has been speculating about.

Venice Inspired Valorant New Map 'Ascent'

The new map name has been confirmed to be Ascent, a Venice inspired map and we got the layout already.

Valorant New Game Mode:

One thing I find very interesting is the new Valorant game mode, it was announced to be under the beta tag because it’s not fully finished or tested and Riot won’t tell us what it is right now, Rito why you do this..

On the other hand, Riot has confirmed it is NOT going to be Deathmatch.

My early speculation is the new game mode is potentially going to be Gun Game where you progress into getting different guns as you get kills with previous ones, and they kind of hinted this could be something you do in between matches.
I’m hoping that eventually in between and searching for games you’ll be able to play deathmatch when released, but Gun game is definitely a great game mode, everybody loves it and it will be a little better worming up than shooting static bots in my opinion.

Valorant New skins:

Riot also announced that it going to be a lot of new skins at launch and if anyone did enjoy the previous skins, the ones coming out are going to be even better and we are going to be happy with them.

They also announced during the summer there will another event/content drop and it will coincide with the release of the 12th agent currently 95% ready.

Valorant New Battle Pass:

Yes Riot also confirmed a battle pass or season pass hopefully with an XP boost to unlock agent contracts faster, we don’t know what the battle will have as of now.

Valorant Headshot Desync Issue:

The Headshot Desync is a recent issue where you are getting headshots on your screen and then when you die you either haven’t hit them or it’s counted as a bodyshot.

This hit registration issue was first reported after patch 0.5 and Riot is very aware of it, a lot of it has to do with the dead-zone accuracy that they changed in the last patch as well as desync on the server-side, they are going to be working on this hopefully on release, worst case would be within the next 2 patches.

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Written by LePu

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