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Twitch Rivals 2019 – Team Draft Revealed – Yassuo Betrays Trick2G and more!

Twitch Rivals 2019 League Of Legends

Twitch Rivals 2019 will run a competitive tournament with 8 fixed teams over the course of 3 days. The event began Yesterday (Nov,8) with a broadcasted draw and the teams captains battled it out for a pool of league streamers and academy pro-players. The tournament itself will mirror the Groups -> Knockout format used by Worlds.

Who are the team captains ?

The 8 Captains drafted another 4 players from a pool of streamers and academy pro-players to complete their league of legends roster.

Twitch Rivals 2019 lol teams

With the team draft concluded yesterday (Nov,8) we gathered some highlights for you, enjoy!

Tyler1 First Pick

Boxbox on why he chose yvonnie ?

Boxbox anothe one!

Gimme... uh.... SOULMARIO THO

Yassuo abandons Trick2g for Hard

Trick2G reaction to Moe Decision

Monte picks for Imaqtpie

Tyler1 Outdrafted


Tyler1 Cutoff

Just like WORLDS format, Days 1 and 2 (November 22 and 23) will feature two best-of-1 double Round Robins with 4 teams each. The top-2 teams from each group will advance to a 4-team semi-finals and finals on Day 3, during which all matches will be best-of-3. If Group Stage tiebreakers are needed, they will be played on Day 3 prior to the semifinals, with semifinals then being played concurrently for timing reasons.

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