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Thorin: “Forgiven Was REPLACED, he didn’t just step down”

After three weeks of LEC Spring Split 2020 action, Schalke 04 find themselves with an 0-6 record, Just a day before their week 4 matchups, Forgiven their bot laner took to Twitter to announce he’s stepping down, and criticized the team’s lack of drive as the primary reason.

“In my 7+ LoL career, I always played to win and be competitive, As of now at least, current roster doesn’t fit this principle. Schalke is unable/unwilling to make change to fit that goal, so we mutually agreed that I stepdown until and if they are willing to do so”. Forgiven

Thorin was skeptical and shared his thoughts on the situation in The Crack Down S01E05 with IWDominate and Bwipo.

Self Preservation:

IWDominate explained, “Forgiven was one of the top ADCs in Europe before his military departure, now that he is back, Schalke 04 was 0-6 in LEC spring 2020 so far, he saw the fact that they are losing so much as damaging to him and his career, he didn’t want to associate with an 0-18 team and all the hate that comes from it, he decided to get out while he can”.

Except it backfired, Thorin added that after he was replaced, Shalke 04 beat the best team in LEC right now (G2) and this made Forgiven look even worse, and you know what’s better? Forgiven can’t even come back next week and play as if nothing happened”.

“From knowing Forgiven for a long time, the longer I(Thorin)’ve known him (Forgiven), his narrative of what happens in his team gets less and less plausible”.

Forgiven toxicity:

in the past, his toxicity was somewhat acceptable because he was literally pared with teams that are sometimes platinum solo queue players that don’t even want to improve and being the hyper-competitive ADC that he is, it was hard not to call them out.

Now the scene has matured and so much money and resources are put into teams and players, he gets the chance to play with some of the best young pros in the world, but he still calls them out, he only wants to win if everybody does what he wants! 

Even when he was in H2K playing with the likes of Jankos, Febiven, and Odoamne, those players are some of the best players in league of legends, even that team wasn’t good enough for him, Thorin added. 

“Rekkles was in that dog shit elements team for one split, he didn’t just quit after 4 games! he persisted and worked his way up to the top”.

Some people would kill to be in LEC and this man claims he stepped down, by the way, this was a lie! he literally was replaced! Schalke 04 chose to replace Forgiven.

Season 5-6 Forgiven:

2015 Forgiven looked unbeatable as he carried his team at SK at the time and continued to hold the first-place LCS slot through the end of the spring split and qualified for playoffs with the top seed. FORG1VENGRE himself was awarded the MVP of the split title.

2016 Forgiven on H2K fielded a roster including Odoamne and Ryu along with new members Jankos, and his support VandeR. The team beat Cloud9 in the quarterfinals of IEM Season X – Cologne but were then beaten themselves by eventual winners Ever in the semifinals of the tournament.

Top of the mountain:

Thorin explained “The problem with Forgiven now is that he is still living on the top of the mountain he was in his best years (season 5 and 6), In his mind, he’s still there now, and everything else is everyone else’s fault. he looked unprepared on Aphelios and showed some limitations on his champion pool so much so that his team had to play un-meta champion combinations just to compensate his comfort picks.”

“You can have a big ego as long as your gameplay justifies it”

The mad feminine quality:

Forgiven has that girlfriend quality where he doesn’t even tell you what you’re doing wrong, he just expects you to know and if you don’t fix it he gets mad, he is the type of player who doesn’t even tell the jungler to come and then he blames him for not ganking his lane.

That being said, Forgiven wasn’t the worst player in the team, the job of an ADC is crucial in team fights and his team never pealed for him properly, there was no trust at all in that team.

If every teammate betrays you or doesn’t do a good job, you’ll make it worse by calling them out and being toxic, you should instead work together to solve the problem and improve the relationship you have with him.

Your reaction to things matters:

The way you react when you’re at the bottom will set the stage of how you’ll react when you’re at the bottom, if you behave like a spoiled child, don’t assume responsibility for your actions, and blame everyone else for everything, why would I recruit you a top team? why would I invest all my resources, coaching staff and money in you if I know you’re not going to buy at the bottom?

The loser mindset versus the winner mindset:

Forgiven has that loser mindset where he thinks everything is bad and will never improve, instead, he should think, what do I have right now? and how can I make it better, that’s the winners mindset, they do the best they can with the recourses they have available to them.

Written by LePu

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