SETT Abilities Revealed, Gameplay, Streamers React!

Sett is a prominent leader in Ionia’s sprawling criminal underworld. He rose to his position from nothing in part through notoriety gain in the Ionian fighting pits. Sett gained a reputation as having savage strength and an impressive ability to take a beating.

Why did Sett join the League of Legends ?

With an Ionian vastaya mother and a Noxian human father, Sett became known as the “half-beast boy.” Due to his uncanny origins and his father’s disappearance, Sett fell victim to a childhood of taunts and snide remarks from outsiders. After honing his fighting skills against his oppressors, he turned to the pits in search of his father, a renowned fighter.

Sett learned that his father left the local ring to tour more profitable pits around the world. And in a fit of rage, he vowed to become a better fighter and put his skills to the test, eventually using his force to take control of the pits and those who ran them.

Sett abilities

Sett is a brawler and fist-fighter, able to take a beating and gets stronger and stronger, his place will most likely be toplane as Riot released him in the PBE, we got the inside look on his abilities detailed as follow.

Passive: Pit Grit

Q: Knuckle Down

W: Haymaker

E: Facebreaker

R: The Show Stopper

Sett Gameplay:

Using Sett R you can take your enemies for a lovely jump over walls.

Watch Nightblue3 go in with Sett initiating a wombo combo, slaming the entire team with R and dealing huge amounts of damage with his empowered W.

Sett in a 1v1 vs Ziggs, trades with him before level 5, gets him to near 100hp, goes in with his ultimate on level 6 and dunks him under his tower. 

Using Flash E can be a good gap-closer.

Sett doesn’t have mana nor energy, his secondary bar fills by taking damage, granting him more damage and on his abilities as well as a bigger shield on his W, once full, he becomes golden signaling you to run away, seriously.

Sett Q is an auto-attack reset.

When Sett slams an enemy with his ultimate, he deals percent max heath damage up to 60%! make sure you target the tankiest enemy in team-fights. 

Taunt spamming Sett’s dance makes him do sit ups faster, instead of restarting the animation

One of Sett lol combos is the E W Flash R, excelent gap closer and can shift enemy position to your advantage.

Learn more about Sett here.

Written by LePu

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