Senna Abilities Revealed, Aggressive Ranged Support with a Global Ultimate!

Senna The Redeemer, Lucian’s wife, an apprentice of his father Urias and a sentinel of light.

Senna first met Lucian after his father died, she explained that Urias falled in battle against the long-dead wraiths of the Black Mist.


Senna’s Relic Cannon is slow to fire, but deals bonus damage. She can power up its range, Attack Damage, and Crit chance over time by absorbing Mist from enemy champions she’s attacking or from wraiths that spawn from dead enemies.

Q - Piercing Darkness

Senna fires a bolt that heals her allies, and damages her foes. Senna can keep attacking to decrease Piercing Darknessā€™ cooldown.

Senna can use Q on turrets and gain health back as you can see here, she was able to survive Caitlyn ultimate.

W - Last Embrace

Senna commands the Mist onto the first target hit, damaging them and then rooting that target and surrounding enemies after a brief delay.

E - Curse of the Black Mist

Senna dissolves into a cloud of mist, gaining movement speed and camouflaging her and her nearby allies. Teammates who emerge from the mist appear as unclickable wraiths to enemies until they either attack or get close.

R - Dawning Shadow

Senna fires a global beam. Allies in the beam are shielded and enemies caught in the center of it take damage.

soo, her ult is global, just another way to save more teemo players.

Things to know about Senna:

  1. First bot-laner in a long time w/more than 550 attack range.
  2. First champion in a long time w/a true global (unless you count Sylas steals).
  3. One of the longest attack frames in the game. Senna’s is .5s while most champions are between .2s and .3s.
  4. Upon release she gets a skin from true damage skin line, true damage is band of 5 champions that will debut in November 2019.

we can see here more gameplay footage.

Written by LePu

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