Riot is releasing a new KDA-like BAND, here are all the champions in it!

Sources told The RIFT that the band is called TRUE DAMAGE and will be releasing their first song in November 10, the day worlds finals will be played in Paris.


Back in October 2018, Riot shocked the world with a brand new fictional anime-like band with K-Pop vibes, comprised of four of league of legends sexiest champions played by real K-Pop Stars very well-known in Korea

The song and skin line released with it was a massive success, the most successful song with over 275m views and the best selling skin line in the game, all of this was released the day of the Worlds 2018 finals  with worlds finals played in Korea, so it would only make sense to do repeat of the same strategy this year.

What Happens This Year ?

Well, New Band, New Song, New Skin line in-game, New Merch, hyyyyype!

leaked picture from Riot Games

Who are the champions in this band?

Yasuo, Qiyana, Akali, Senna, and Ekko

Why is Akali in True Damage too ?

Yes! Akali is in True Damage, she helped create this hip-hop band before she joined KDA, True Damage Akali will be the same character from KDA, maybe a younger version of her, she will be played by the same singer SOYEON of (G)I-DLE and we can expect her to have a rap verse in the new song too, is she going full neon ? we don’t know.

Who Plays the champions ?

This year we will see more of SOYEON of (G)I-DLE as AKALI the rapper

Becky G, an American singer, songwriter and actress will play Qiyana

Keke Palmer​, an american actress, singer, songwriter, and television personality will play Senna.

Umar Ibrahim, known better by his stage name Thutmose, is a Nigerian-American rapper, singer, and songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York he will be our mighty Yasuo

Duckwrth, is playing EKKO, an American rapper and songwriter from South Los Angeles, California

Written by LePu

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