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Professional Player Was Invited by Riot to playtest “Project A” the new FPS and shared his thoughts

Around 5-6 months ago (April-May 2019), Riot Games invited Ron Rambo Kimme and 9 other former professional FPS gamers to test their new FPS Tactical shooter – Project A. For 5 full days, they played over 20 matches and they all had a blast.

Who is Ron Rambo Kim ?

Ronald “Ron” “Rambo” Kim is a former professional eSports player who competed in Counter-Strike for Team 3D and Los Angeles Complexity. Kim represents a small minority of professional gamers that play with an inverted mouse setting. He is currently the coach of American team Cloud 9

While most information about this project is sealed under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) Ron was kind enough to share what he could with us and apparently he loved the game mechanics

It’s one of the most fun I’ve had in an FPS game in a long long time!

He also confirmed that the other 9 pros who played the game also had a blast and made them feel like high school teenagers playing together and learning the game again.

What about mechanics and shootings?

It feels very familiar to a couple of games I’ve played before.

He added that it felt like a couple of games that are his “specialty”, Ron was a former pro-player in CSGO so we can speculate that Project A will have the feels and speed of CSGO to some extent.

The Peeker's advantage ?

The peeker’s advantage is a parameter in the game meant to diminish camper’s effectiveness (that or to compensate some lag issue). It makes the player who is peeking (moving) to see the player who is standing still a few miliseconds before the later, in a “cornering situation

You should be rewarded for having a good angle or good positioning, and you are!

What about cheaters?

It’s Important that you’re not just getting destroyed by someone who just downloads a file.

Characters abilities and cooldowns

beyond the technical shooting side, the abilities and cooldowns open up a new strategic angle and unlock the door to new synergies and unique strategies and moves.

It’s not overwhelming nor overpowering in any sense.

When will Project A be released?

Sooner than you think, the game was playtested 6 months ago (May-April 2019) and it felt ready.

If it was released that day, I would be satisfied.

Written by LePu

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