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LWX After Winning Worlds 2019: We Won Because G2 Didn’t Perform.

Shots Fired after a 3-0 victory of FPX over G2 in worlds 2019 finals.

Lin “Lwx” Wei-Xiang (Hanzi: 林炜翔) is a League of Legends esports player who is the bot laner for FunPlus Phoenix.

After an amazing run in worlds 2019 that ended by winning the entire tournament in Paris, in Europe against G2, the best European team ever created, LWX was asked why they were so much better then the opponent today.

It’s because our opponents didn’t really perform

The crowd erupts, Sjokz shocked, but all fun and playfull banter, after all they played some really good league of legends, they 3-0 G2 in their home soil so they deserve all the praise they get. read more on worlds 2019 here including the top 6 plays of worlds finals.

Written by LePu

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