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LPL Casters Leaving China due to Coronavirus Outbreak!

LPL postponing games, English Caster crew including Munchables, Hysterics and more are leaving china due to coronavirus outbreak.

LPL Postponed:

LPL has been postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan China, starting week 2 games delayed indefinitely until taking back control of the new flu-like disease with high contagious powers.

English Casters Leaving China:

League of Legends LPL english caster crew decided to leave china to their respective countries.

Casters Joe ‘Munchables’ Fenny, Oisín ‘Penguin’ Molloy, Robert ‘Dagda’ Price and Jake ‘Hysterics’ Osypenko uploaded a video on twitter updating us about their health and safety. Clement Chu who was not on the video, is already away from China as he is currently safe in Taipei.

“We don’t really know the extent of how dangerous [the coronavirus] is, but it seems like it could be a lot worse than people are saying, so we’re getting the fuck outta here!”

How bad is the coronavirus ?

CoronaVirus is a family of flu-like viruses, the newest one was discovered in China and is highly contagious by air and physical contact, symptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath, Chinese and international health organizations are already on it figuring out how to contain this outbreak.

LPL as a safety measure, LPL decided to postpone games and to ensure the safety of fans and players from attracting the virus due to large gatherings.

More than 2,800 people are reported to have been infected by the coronavirus and around 80 have passed away as of Jan 30th.

Countries with coronavirus outbreaks as of Jan 30

LPL Caster Crew is Safe!

As of writhing all English casters are screened and safe in their respective homes.

Written by LePu

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