Doa & MonteCristo Will Cast Twitch Rivals 2019

All aboard the Twitch Rivals Hype train! As MonteCristo and Doa the legendary LCK casters will be casting league of legends again, this time on twitch rivals 2019.

When Will Twitch Rivals Start ?

This Year, the tournament will start November 22nd, 2019, a handful of your favorite league streamers will battle it out over a period of 7 days for the title, he tournament ends 29th.

Who are the teams ?

After an insane draft stream held last week, our team ‘captains’ picked their roster from a list of high-level players and started their journey to the top, here are all teams you’ll see in this years tournament.

What is Twitch Rivals Format ?

Twitch Rivals will run a highly competitive 5v5 tournament with Group stage containing the 8 fixed teams over the course of 3 days. The tournament itself will mirror the Groups -> Knockout format used by Worlds.

Twitch Rivals 2019 Schedule

How much is Twitch Rivals 2019 Prize Pool ?

A side from braging rights, The prize pool will be a total of $75,000 where the first placed team gets $25,000, second place gets $15,000, then comes third and fourth at $5,500, an increment of $1,000 will be distributed to the winner of every match, there will be 24 matchs troughout the event, tiebreakers don’t get money.

Where to watch Twitch Rivals 2019 ?

Tune in November 22nd to watch The event on the official TwitchRivals channel, and get up to date with our coverage here. 

Written by LePu

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