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League All-Star Event Had The Lowest Viewership Since 2016, What Went Wrong?


0 hype, bad time for EU,unknown people playing the matches + TFT matches that no one cares about.

This year All-Star Event had the lowest viewership number in measurable history. There is no data from 2013-2015 events, but out of last 4 editions, All Star 2019 had lowest numbers in all the the categories – peak viewers, hours watched and hours watched/per transmitted, Source

As you can see in 2019 all viewership metrics are almost half as what they were last year for this tournament.

Riot Inviting New and Unknown Influencers

Inviting streamers, content creators and influencers alongside pros. While last year it was a nice experiment which attracted a lot of new viewers and setting up new records in peak viewers and hours watched/transmitted categories, this year it wasn’t all that good. A common reaction for some new names in tandem mode was “who the fuck they are?” rather than “oh, nice, Riot promotes some of the lesser-known people to foreign audience”. People liked All-Star more when it was one of a kind event for pros only.

TFT is Unwachable !

Teamfight Tactics. Up until last year, All-Star was all about League of Legends. This year however we’ve seen Teamfight Tactics being played on the big stage. And its reception wasn’t too positive. While TFT is a great game to play, it’s rather a lame and boring game to watch. It’s really hard for spectators to track all 8 players with all the stuff that happens during the game, chaos is overwhelming and the game itself if not as engaging for viewers, following one of the 8 players live stream style is way better than trying to watch all 8 and ending up missing the strategies and tactics that players have to make to win.

No Marketing Effort from Riot's part

Barely any countdown nor marketing, no teasers, not even a note in the client. People just spontaneously popped into twitch or YouTube and happen to find that All-stars had already begun. it would be during the weekend, but not Thursday night (EUW). The LoLEsports website was unclear, there was no Day 1 teaser on any of the league social networks.

Awfull timing for European fans

In order to tune in for All-Star 2019 from Europe, you would have to wake up at 03AM on a Friday morning to watch some YouTubers and Influencers that you probably don’t know, with an added spark of your favorite pros (if they didn’t refuse like NA pros Bjergsen and Doublelift) dispersed around few game modes here and there, no Thank you, my pillow is more entertaining to me than this.


Many people didn’t know the event was even happening. It felt like the were no anouncements at all beforehand. Also they played at EU unfriendly times. Most people refused to watch it because of that. They wouldn’t bother to get up at 3am to watch a meaningless streamer and pros game. Especially not in a friday morning.

Written by LePu

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