Kids in China will NOT be able to play League of legends between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m Starting today!

New Regulatory restrictions applied by the Chinese government limits Chinese  minors from playing online video games.

Time Restrictions:

This official regulation is asking all Chinese video game companies including Tencent the parent company of Riot Games and largest video game company in the world to restrict playing online games such as league from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m on weekdays.

Players under 18yo will also be banned from playing league more than 90min on weekdays, and can play up to 3 hours per day on weekends and public holidays. 

Money Restrictions:

It will be illegal for a Chinese minor age between eight and 16 years to spend more than 200 yuan ($29) per month, and age 16 to 18 will have a spending limit of 400 yuan ($57) per month.

Why these new rules ?

A spokesman for the government agency that issued the ban said the new rules were aimed at creating a “clear internet space” and “protecting the physical and mental health of minors.”

The administration is also working with police to set up a real-name registration system, and to enable gaming companies to check the identity of their users against the national database, he added.

Internet Gaming Addiction (IGD) was recently classified as a mental disorder by the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases and these rules are an attempt at reducing this addiction and protecting minors from themselves.

But there’s currently a proven argument that addiction is not the cause, but a symptom of a deeper problem.

This kind of protectionism will likely make kids look for another addiction.

Instead of making studying and learning fun for children, they choose to adopt these kinds of authoritarian, dystopian and Orwellian style of policies, people will just find other kinds of addictions, it will not cure any problem, it will only make everyone’s lives miserable.

The workaround?

You need your ID when you register your account, so it is easy to enforce, but one can always find other’s ID on the internet in China, People will find a workaround searching ID pictures, still sucks that one must do extra work just to play a game.

China is notorious for regulatory restrictions and they do this in like all their games already. Still to be confirmed but It most likely will be that you can still play after the time limit, but you won’t get any exp or rewards for playing.

FPX team

The main concern here raises from the implications this restriction will do to LPL talent, with the average pro player career in league starting at 17yo, this will seriously kill the LPL talent pool or limit it at the very least.

Written by LePu

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