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FPX DoinB: I Want to Win Next Worlds With my Yasuo Skin

Kim “Doinb” Tae-sang midlaner for FPX and Worlds 2019 champion revealed some interesting news in his first stream post worlds, we had some help translating some of his statements from his stream, enjoy.

But First !

You need to know that DoinB likes to troll. He has been a professional streamer for years and he says and does a lot of things for show, keep that in mind.


  • “This year, my health has become much better. My health (back injuries from playing and streaming for hours everyday.) improved a lot when I was in Europe. Health is not the issue. the issue is I am married and I hardly spend any time with her if I’m a pro.
  • If I keep playing I will play for more than one year. I am not sure yet. I might retire, stay or transfer. If my wife and I are fine with it.
  • ”Am I going to NA? No, it’s not true.“
  • “I haven’t win the Spring split, I haven’t been to MSI, I haven’t been to All-Stars either..

Scrims, Caps Dad, SKT and G2:

  • We won about 70~80% of our scrims. We had lower win rate against LCK teams. We scrim with G2 a lot, like tons. It’s fun playing with them. Some games had 50 kills in 20 min.”
  • “Perkz is a really funny guy. He did the ‘1v1’ thing in scrim too, but he usually did it when they had a lead. I didn’t notice it in finals (lol). **He is so good, he can play Syndra, Yasuo, Veigar, Zoe…many weird picks because he used to be a midlaner. Why can’t our dummy AD LWX play those AP bot lane champions too? LWX can only play traditional ADCs and toplane melee champions. He really loves melee champions like Irelia, Jax…**His Irelia is really good though. I will admit that his Irelia is better than mine. He plays both bot and top in soloqueue.”
  • “I chatted a lot with Caps dad, and Perkz too. They are really nice people. Caps’ dad said they would win Worlds 2020 in China but I said nope”
  • Before the finals games started, I 1v1’ed Perkz with Mundo in baron pit and won. I lost in regular 1v1 with another champion, I won’t tell which one (chuckles in his seet).”
  • Crisp said we went 1-5 against SKT in scrims? Did he say why? Haha…I I played six useless champs xD, like Galio, Sion.. and Faker was using lane bullies and kept attacking my turret. I was 100 CS behind and afking under tower, calling my great jungler Tian (sarcasme) “Can you help me? my turret will be gone 2 minutes from game start!” But Tian wasn’t able to come, because he was busy: My Toplaner Gimgoon was pushed under his turret too, it happens to him a lot. You can’t win with two Gimgoons in your team, you know? If both your mid and top are Gimgoon you simply can’t win.”
  • “We played two games with Ramble the day before playing IG and I killed 10+ in both games. I didn’t have that many champs that I could blind pick against Rookie. Warhorse said ‘How about Sion, he’s tanky, he can do damage, and he has CC!’ I asked ‘How about TF?’ He said ‘Hmmm you can try’. But we thought they might play some lane bullies so that’s not a good option. I didn’t dare to pick Akali..My Akali was good though. Look at my rank history. [Proceed to show that his Akali in rank is 38% win rate.] My Akali is fine. Something was wrong with my teammates in rank. How could I win with Akali if they int like LWX? I need to play Naut and protect him. [lol]
  • “Guys you know my Ryze takes a lot of the jungle camps. Once I asked Tian if there is jungle pathing that doesn’t need the first blue buff he said no. I think he’s lying, he just didn’t want to give me the first blue buff.”

“In games, Gimgoon only have two things to say. The first is ‘They are diving me’; the second is ‘My bad, my bad’:

  • I ask him, ‘Gimgoon, did the enemy top use flash?’
  • He says, ‘My bad, my bad.’
  • ‘Gimgoon, did he use his ult?’
  • ‘My bad…my bad….’
  • ‘Gimgoon! Does he have flash! Just tell me!’
  • ‘Ah, he has no flash no ult, ha, ha’
  • ‘Okay.. [Enemy uses flash and ult]’
  • ‘My bad…my bad….’

About EUW Server

  • “I was too cocky. Everyone was duo queuing but I was overconfident and chose to solo-q. The second or the third day in Europe, I was demoted to Diamond. Of all the LPL players, I am the only one that have ever managed to drop to Diamond with the super account from riot. Crisp flamed me so much for that.”
  • “I met those who wanted to troll in rank as well, but it wasn’t a big deal for me. I would lose with or without them anyway. one time there was a Nunu jungle that was trolling and refused to surrender which was annoying.”
  • “I tried to get my friends to carry me, but they refused 🙁 I asked Canyon, but he said he couldn’t duo with someone in another team. I duo-ed with Gimgoon but our win rate was very low. Why weren’t EU players able to carry us? In scrims, Tian, LWX and Crisp were able to carry us.

Nemesis Drama:

FNC Nemesis called out DoinB for being the worst midlaner in Worlds, he responded to it in his stream.

  • ”I don’t understand how he could call me the worst mid when he lost. Why didn’t he call LWX the worst ADC [lol]? It’s okay to call LWX the worst ADC, bro, or FPX toplaner the worst, but it’s not okay to call me the worst mid. Just whyyyyyyy [T_T]
  • “To be honest, this is understandable. Think about it, if we lost to FPX….what am I talking about, we are FPX…if we lost to FNC and I came back, everyone would be flaming me, asking me why I can’t beat him, people would say I am trash and I need to retire….What could I do? This could be so unbearable. …Oh, how about saying….saying the enemy mid was bad, he won only because he was lucky and had better teammates. It’s not my fault! This honestly is understandable. But why pick on me, you could have said ‘the enemy mid went even with me, but the LWX, his Kai’sa was feeding so much, he died every time he ulted’….”
  • “Cassio and Ryze? Of course Cass is a counter to Ryze. But, if the Ryze is better in general, it doesn’t matter. If you play Cassio like that, she would be useless.”
  • “The only champion he is good at is Veigar. You know why he’s good at it? Because it’s such an easy champion. I can play Veigar with one hand. I can show you right now, with one hand, I just QQQQQ, E, EWQR. Biu~That’s it.”

Worlds Skin choice:

  • I asked for Yasuo, Malphite and Ryze skins, Yasuo to do the dance I battled Caps’ dad with. I don’t know what Riot will do. I really really want Yasuo! I want to win next Worlds with my Yasuo skin. 
  • And Malphite because that’s the only one my wife can play. She plays Malphite in top, jungle, mid, bot and sup haha. Ryze…he already has a skin though.”
  • “My Yasuo died to raptors in LPL finals. I really want to prove that my Yasuo is good! If I have the chance, I want to use my Yasuo skin in next Worlds. I said that to Riot. Then they asked me ‘Did you play it in this worlds?’ I had to tell them my Yasuo got banned every game because people were afraid of it.”
  • “Look at my EUW account! I was practicing many other champions, but I don’t know why teams kept giving us out best champions, ahhhhh why didn’t people ban my Naut and Ryze, so I could get the chance to show off my Jayce, Akali, LeBlanc, Zoe, TF….”
  • [someone in chat asks for nautilus skin] ”Who the fk will choose Naut skin…Are you guys all support players?? No one plays Naut mid here right? I don’t play those useless champs….Hmm I will consider it. ”

All-Star 2019

  • “Clid said he couldn’t vote for me for All-Star because he had too many friends to vote for? Okay I am deleting him from my Wechat.”
  • “Now that we have proview, you guys can easily figure out who’s the problem when we lose. I am so sad. I can’t no longer tell you everything is my teammates’ fault :(”
  • “People are PMing me to ask me not to play Naut and Ramble mid because their solo queue is ruined by bad Naut and Ramble mids. Please don’t spam Naut mid in ranked. Please practice in flex queue first…”
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Written by LePu

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