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Caps Perkz Role Swap Explained!

Caps and Perkz are swapping roles again next year, Caps ADC, Perkz back to MID.

Caps and Perkz are arguably the two best midlaners in the scene so far, it all started when Caps decided to join G2 esports at the start of the season in 2019, leaving behind FNC, a team where he and his teammates had a great year.

“We don’t want to look good. We just want to win”. – Caps on why he joined G2

Some say that the looking good mentality he talked about was largly shots fired at Rekkles, FNC ADC and ‘the KDA player’. 

With G2 having the two best midlaners in LEC one of them had to change roles, Perkz had to relinquish his mid position to Caps and went botlane with Mikyx for the entire 2019 season.

G2 then went ahead and had one of their greatest years, winning Spring split, Summer split as well as the international tournament MSI 2019 and only losing to FPX in worlds 2019 finals.

Role swapping for 2020 season ?

in the offseason, G2 uploaded a video to their twitter account showing Perkz and Caps getting to a game of league, Perkz chose mid as his primary position and Caps going ADC.

“Are we actually doing this?” Perkz asks
“What’s the worst that could happen?” Caps replies

The news went viral around the LoL Esports community, knowing G2 likes to troll, Some didn’t believe it could be true, while others embraced the swap with all sorts of statistical and logical arguments.

Sjokz asking if it was real

Jankos shares the truth about the role swap

In a stream, Jankos was bombarded with fans asking if it was real or not, and he shared the truth. 

“Caps left FNC- Caps beat Rekkles- now Caps want to beat Rekkles in his role” Jankos says.

Jankos the G2 jungler almost confirmed the role swap happening in 2020 saying Caps wanted to beat Rekkles in his role next year after he left FNC and beaten him last year.

Jankos officially confirms Caps and Perkz role swaps in Polish interview

Translated fragment about Caps and Perkz’ roleswap “Caps likes challenges and Perkz wasn’t so comfortable as a marksman, even though he was doing really great. That is why they have decided to try something new and role swap – Caps will play bot and Perkz will go back to mid. It’s kind of troll, but we’ll see what future brings us. If it doesn’t work out, then we’ll swap them again and go back to previous strategy.”

"It was Caps idea to role swap next year" Perkz says

Perkz confirmed the role swap and added that it was Caps idea last year, he suggested he stays mid and Perkz goes bot, and it was his idea this year too.

“I’m not going to force someone to do something they don’t want to do,” Perkz said. “It was Caps’ idea to go bot anyways, not mine. So if Caps doesn’t want to play bot, I’ll pick up my phone, call Uma Jan—what can I say?

With G2 playing games in the offseason, Fnatic -their closest rival- signed ‘Selfmade’ an explosive aggressive jungler and head coach Alfonso ‘Mithy’ Rodríguez making the next LEC season very interesting to watch.

Written by LePu

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