Why Aphelios is the Champion For 200IQ Players

Aphelios the new league of legends champion is a lunari wizard from mount Targon who defeats evil with knowledge. Not fast reflexes, landing skill shots, or perfectly-timed abilities, but KNOWLEDGE! All that matters is the knowledge of what tool to use at the exact moment.

Mastering Aphelios is arguably one of the most daunting challenges in all of League and here is why;

ONLY 200IQ Players will unlock his Full Potential

Aphelios's HUD:

Aphelios gets a completely different HUD, the box in the bottom of the screen that displays your HP, Mana, and abilities, has been the same interface for almost all champions with few minor changes tied to some skins “Elementalist Lux for example”, But Aphelios is a different beast.

Aphelios HUD
  1. Passive, explaining Aphelios’ weapons and level ups.
  2. Aphelios’ main-hand weapon and its remaining ammo.
  3. Q.
  4. Aphelios’ off-hand weapon and its remaining ammo. If its Q is on cooldown, the icon will also indicate remaining cooldown.
  5. The next weapon you’ll get once one of your weapons runs out of ammo.
  6. R.

Aphelios has a Q, an R, and… another R. No Passive, no (real) W, and no E.

As you can see, Aphelios has a Q and an R that change based on each of his five weapons, Aphelios has no Passive, no E, and W is a weapon swap, he has 5 weapons and can swap between the first and second, we’ll talk more about weapons later in this article, so he has only Q and R that change based on the weapon he wields at the moment, a total of 10 abilities, each has its own cooldown, so you can practically use Q>W>Q as a combo.

Weapons have ammo:

Called “Moonlights”, 50 Moonlights max that gets consumed by his basic attacks and abilitieshe starts the game with all weapons charged, but he can only wield two, one in his “Main-Hand” and second in his “Off-Hand”, he can switch between the two weapons with W, once a weapon has no ammo, it gets back to the end of the list to recharge. the list is randomly generated at the beginning of the game by Alune, his twin sister that’s in a temple far away in the mountain and remotely helps him on the rift.

The high-fashion-monk-meets-almost-romantic-assassin Aphelios is a Lunari assassin who finds no pleasure in killing. But he still kills… and he’s not alone.

He is Mute:

When a match begins, Aphelios drinks poison to open a connection with Alune (think Kalista oathsworn ritual). She is his twin sister, she helps in game and sends him the magic-infused weaponry, she must be in her sanctuary fortress within the spirit realm. the poison fills Aphelios with the night’s power. His muscles tense, he can channel the magic but loses his voice, yes he is mute, he has no voice-over in-game, only Alune talks from far away.

He level up his STATS, NOT Abilities:

Aphelios automatically learns Q with each lvl he gets, and R is automatically learned at lvl6 and upgraded at 11 and 16, as a result, he puts his 18 level-up points into stats rather than abilities:

  • Attack Damage
  • Attack Speed
  • Bonus Armor Penetration

Let's Talk WEAPONS !

Aphelios has 5 magically-infused weapons, with the help of his sister, he channels their powers to fight on the rift, each weapon is especially op in certain situations

“his weapons are super OP in different situations”

Aphelios’ unique weapon combinations create opportunities for him to set up his teammates to engage, or to siege towers and objectives, or maybe even to go toe-to-toe with some of the best duelists in the game.

His posture and movements vary with each weapon to make them distinct and intuitive so players know which abilities (and basic attacks) he has access to at all times.

Aphelios needs to switch weapons because of their moonlight “ammo,” And because Alune’s magic eventually wanes, the weapons fade back across the veil to be recharged with the moon’s might. That means you need to adapt and react, Big Brain Plays will come after a few games, maybe.

Calibrum, the Rifle

Severum, the Scythe Pistol

Gravitum, the Cannon

Infernum, the Flamethrower

Crescendum, the Chakram

Learn More about Aphelios here.

Written by LePu

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