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Voyboy expresses 3 FRUSTRATIONS over League Ranked Soloqueue

Who is Voyboy ?

Joedat “Voyboy” Esfahani is a League of Legends professional player since season 1, a toplaner turned streamer for the last five years, Voyboy ended season 1 of league of legends in rank 1 and have been around top 200 players in challenger for the last several years.

Voyboy honored by a loading screen tip in-game

The State of League of Legends:

There is a lot of problems with League of legends right now, but regardless of the state of the game, balances or the metas, the state of the league of legends community has gotten worse and worse over time, according to Voyboy.

“The player base has become more toxic, a lot more griefers, a lot more people straight run it down, int games or go afk” Says Voyboy.

According to Voyboy, there are a lot of reasons contributing to the decline of quality games in league, as a full-time streamer in challenger level, he had the worst time playing league in the last five months of season 10.

“As a full-time streamer in challenger level, I had the worst time playing league in the last five months of season 10” Voyboy.

In 2018 Voyboy went to Riot HQ and expressed his frustrations about how the player base was getting progressively more irritated, toxic, a lot more griefers, a lot more people run it down, inting games, stream sniping him, and he was worried that if this continued, and Riot didn’t do anything to address these issues, things will get worse, and they did.

“I used to say 2019 is the worst state that league has been in for a long time, and then season 10 came in, the last 5 months were the most miserable worse experiences of my life playing this game and streaming it all day.” he added.

Stream snipers, target inters were running rampant in his games, basically, people were manipulating the system to get in his games and int it, playing ap Zed, ap graves, run it down, making fun of him.

Why is this bad ?

The reason this is bad is that it’s a general representation of how people perceive ranked solo queue if Voyboy is streaming to 10k+ viewers and he has an intentional feeder that manipulated the queues to get into Voyboy team, and he trolls, 10k+ viewers sees this and thinks it okay to do so.

In a small scale, it’s okay, everyone has a bad game sometimes, but the thing is lately it’s been happening so consistently in the last five months that people are doing this and there is no punishment.

Why did this happen ?

  • There is no punishment.
  • There is no point in reporting people because riot won’t ban them.
  • No one is scared of getting in trouble.
  • No one is getting scared of getting bared from solo queue.
  • Riot has made it clear through their lack of actions toward toxic players that they don’t care.

It’s so big that the player base right now is upset, frustrated, some people just don’t care run into games, grief it down, troll people, and unless you type a bad word and the automated filter catches you saying an offensive word, you’re not gonna get in trouble.

Enough is enough, I stayed silent for too long, There is a problem with solo queue and we need to fix it! Voyboy added.

What the 3 main problems with league ranked right now?

  • There is no respect for the game.
  • There is no respect for other players.
  • There is no fear of getting banned.

These things need to change, in the past, people had respect for the game, people who trolled games at this rate got in trouble, and people cared and loved the game and showed it in the way they played and the way they behaved.

How do we fix this ?

Let’s get something to be done, whether Riot reworking their punishment system, putting out new guidelines, implementing different methods of detecting trollers and toxic people, monitoring high elo solo queue or even lower levels and implementing a new system, there has to be a solution, ban people from ranked if they exhibit bad behaviors, take them out of solo queue for an x amount of time, so that at least they can’t ruin further games.

Written by LePu

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