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Soraka Toplane Guide: 56% WR Soraka Top Season 10

Soraka top is the most op toplane champion right now as Soraka has the best sustain and high base stats, build, runes, items.


Sustain, low cost abilities, Heal Machine!

Why is Soraka Top popular right now ?

  • Martin “Wunder” Nordahl Hansen G2 toplaner picked Soraka top for both games in week 2 of LEC Spring 2020.
  • Riot August senior champion designer says top lane Soraka is too strong.
  • Soraka toplane Win Rate is over 56% in patch 10.2 and 10.3
  • Soraka top is strong because of her sustain and low mana cost abilities, using her Q, she can heal herself for a significant amount. She gets back all the health she loses in trade just by using Q and the speed boost helps her escape ganks easily, She has the ability to go even with most top lane champions.


Sorcery main tree with:

  • Summon Aery: Aery for extended heal shield.
  • Mana Flow Band: for mana sustain
  • Transcendence: for CDR to spam your abilities.
  • Gathering Storm: for more AP and stronger heals and pokes.
Resolve as a secondary tree:
  • Second Wind: for more sustain over time combined with your Q pokes.
  • Revitalize for stronger heals.

Double adaptive force runes to get more AP as your heals scale with ability power, and Scaling health is better than armor or magic resist.


Start with Doran’s ring with two pots, Doran’s ring helps with your mana sustain in the early lanning phase as Soraka uses a lot of mana early.

on your first recall try getting Chalice of Harmony to solve all mana problems, and then finish your boots.

Your first three items should always be Athene’s Unholy Grail folowed by Redemption and Ardent Censer, these items are the reason why Soraka top is so strong right now.

  • Athene’s Unholy Grail solves all mana problems and grants additional healing based on damage dealt.
  • Redemption not only for healing allies from far away but also finishing out some low health enemies.
  • Ardent Censer allows you to buff up your ADCs into unkillable machines with additional attack speed.
  • Boots can be one of these three.
  • Spirit Visage will help with more tankiness, health regeneration as well as increasing the heals you receive by 20%.


Soraka top is a sustain lane, your main objective in the laning phase is to come out of it even, you don’t have to win laning phase as your strength will show after laning phase in team fights and objective control. 

Surviving Early Game:

As a Soraka top, your main objective is to just evenly come out of laning phase, you don’t have to win it, play safe, use your Q to poke the enemy top and focus on getting all the CS, make sure you buy a ward and place it in the river bush, having a ward there has statisticaly proven you survive more ganks.

Mid Game:

Getting level six is your main objective as you’ll start to impact the map more, your heals get stronger and stronger, start looking for grouping opportunities, Soraka is the strongest with her teammates, look for objectives and support any dive your team initiates.

Late Game:

With most of your items already purchased, you’re a healing machine! one Q on your ADC will send him flying! his HP bar will explode from the amount of heal he will get, he also gets a very strong movement speed boost, it’s very hard to die as an ADC if he has a Soraka behind him.


As a toplaner, most times you play tanky champions and provide peal for your teammates, Soraka is the opposite of a tanky champion, she is squishy and you should always position yourself away from the crossfires, in teamfights get behind and shower your adc with heals and buffs, make sure you poke with your Q as it heals you and slows the enemy.

Written by LePu

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