CoreJJ How To Support Guide ep3: Mindset & Roaming

This is Episode number 3 of CoreJJ support guide if you missed the first episode you can find it here.


Play Together

Since CoreJJ played both ADC (2014-2016) and Support (2016-NOW), he has a good idea on what is important for botlanes to succeed, you must communicate with your ADC and support him in game as well as mentally.

Don’t break you ADCs mental, and Vise Versa.

If, for example, you roam even if the wave is terrible, saying I don’t care if you get ganked or not, I’m not gonna listen to you, your ADC will get tilted and underperforms in-game, you might lose the game because of that, especially if you come back without kills from that roam.

Ask for permission before roaming, CoreJJ always asks Doublelift if it’s okay to roam at that time for him, this keeps botlane relationship going, if ADC doesn’t need you you can roam.

Let your ADC what your planes are



Check out episode 1, it’s all about laning phase and how to win it.

When it comes to a winning matchup, you should apply pressure with your positioning, when you move forward, they will move back, if they don’t, engage and kill them, so usually, the enemy will back off, keep them away like this and stack a big minion wave.

Then call mid and jungle and dive with the big minion wave.

Sometimes you can’t dive (no backup, no spells available, etc) if you are playing a melee attack champion like Alistar/Braum, push the wave and go ward enemy jungle camp here.

This ward will give information about enemy jungler and will be usefull for your midlaner/jungler to play aggressive and maybe dive mid or bot tower.

  1. Push the wave.
  2. Find enemy junglerwith ward.
  3. Team mid/jg dive bot tower together.

These three steps are the purpose why you pick a winning matchup.

#3 When do you roam ?

Remember, you should roam when your wave crashes into the enemy turret, you can still roam in other situations but it’s a lot riskier, your ADC might get dived and lose CS and EXP, ADCs hate it when SUPP roams when the wave is frozen in middle of the lane or slightly in enemy territory, because they can’t CS without risking they get picked or harassed, this is an awkward roaming.

The only reason you should be roaming -when the wave isn’t crashing enemy turret- is if a team-fight breaks down in river or dragon pit, in this situation you must tell your ADC to join the fight if he doesn’t he will stay in low elo for a long time.

#4 How to roam if you have a losing matchup ?

The enemy will try to dive just like we talked, so make sure you ward the tri bush, and always track enemy support.

Ward where enemy support might go to, and tell your team.

Ward here if you are in a losing matchup blue side.

CoreJJ's Basics of Warding

  • Ward when your enemy doesn’t know it.
  • Ward where you can get a lot of information.
  • Ward safely (=Don’t die in order to ward!).
  • It will put pressure on the Enemy.
  • You can take a limited amount of wards, use them wisely..
  • Use “Tab” to check enemy’s ward.
  • Defending your ward is very important.
  • Ward during laning phase – If you can.
  • Ward on Enemy’s Jungle camps.
  • If your team is losing lane, Ward lane bush before backing off or Enemy SUP’s Roaming path.
  • If your team is winning lane, Use Control Ward to hide your position.
  • If your team is winning lane, ward in order to detect Enemy’s JG.
  • Ward lane bush = laning win rate↑ doubles.
  • After laning phase – Ward Mid lane’s bush. It is a very important.
  • Use all your Wards before recall, then you can ward deeper when you come back to lane.

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Written by LePu

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