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Zikz Coach Leaves TSM, Joins 100Theives

100 Theives announced that Tony “Zikz” Gray has been signed as the team’s new head coach, comming Team SoloMid.

Zikz background is stacked with achievement spent the five years with Counter Logic Gaming, who won two NA LCS championships and posted a runner-up finish at the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational, he was then released after CLG finished in the bottom half of the standings in both the spring and summer splits of 2018.

Zikz after that joined TSM as Head Coach and came off a disappointing year with TSM not qualifying to worlds 2019 Zikz explained that he didn’t feel a strong alignment with TSM during the year.

As 100T League of Legends team starts shaping up for the 2020 LCS season, PapaSmithy sits down with the new head coach Zikz to discuss his thoughts on the upcoming year.

Withing TSM I didn’t feel a very strong alignment, but with PapaSmithy and how he views the team, it was a very easy decision for me to make. 

In terms of my philosophy as a coach, I believe in psychological safety and trust along with straight forward goal setting.

Every single day, we’re looking for developement, not a shortcut on how to win a game this weekend.

Written by LePu

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