Sneaky Off-Season Drama: Benched, Leaving C9, Explained!

Zachary ‘Sneaky’ Scuderi, professional League of Legends player and prominent crossplayer has been the face of C9 and playing since its inception in 2013, you would never expect Sneaky wearing other then the blue jersey would you?

Some People Didn't want to play with Sneaky anymore.

Although Sneaky didn’t specifically point any fingers, Some people claimed that the Sneaky botlane style wasn’t welcomed anymore, they wanted to change the entire botlane including Zeyzel, Sneaky denied the opinion and argued against it, but went along with it throughout the year.

What's wrong with The Sneaky Botlane ?

Sneaky was always deemed the most consistent pro player in LCS, his tendencies to play safe were a core caracteristc of his playstyle, historically, C9 has been the most successful North American team at Worlds over the years. 

but as a result, he would end up missing out on opportunities, his overall less flashy plays and no lane dominance would make him loose laning phase or, at the very best, come out untouched.

in 2015 Doublelift called him out for being not good in lane, he claimed he has no lane dominance, incoming a young Doublelift twitch clip. “Sneaky is not good in lane”.

Stats below reflect young Doublelift’s point of view and show Sneaky’s lack of early game dominance, these numbers are taken from his 17 games in LCS Summer Split 2019, Source

Sneaky true powers come out after laning phase, he is one of the best ADCs when it come to team-fights, target selection and quick reactions, things that are a rare commodity in pro ADCs.

Even when behind, Sneaky has been consistently winning team-fights, securing objectives and silentely winning games.

Here is Doublelift talking about him again in 2019, “Me, Sneaky and Zven are the best ADCs in the region”.

The Benching Decisions were 'Awkward '

Despite C9 finishing 3rd and 2nd in Spring and Summer splits consecutively, qualifying for Worlds for the 7th time this year, 2019 has not been great for Sneaky as he voiced his concerns about the benching decisions he had to endure.

He mentioned that the Deftly one being ‘fine’ as C9 subbed Deftly in the 4th game of Worlds 2019 group stage against Hong Kong Attitude.

But the ‘Awkward’ one was earlier this summer week 8 where C9 brought Deftly as starter ADC against FLY, a game that they went and lost. and another game a week after, where C9 faced GGS and ended by a win, 50% WR in LCS for Deftly so far.

Sneaky received a lot of criticism that time while Sona Taric meta reigned over the botlane, and the Sneaky in lane meme was live and well.

The video below was him reacting to criticism from Markz and the community at that time, watch until the end. 

There was also the swap to academy team in summer 2018, C9 was 10th in placement, Sneaky came back later and carried the team finishing second. 

'It feels bad the ways they're treating him'. Doublelift says:

C9 management told Sneaky he would be battling with incoming European star Zven for the bot lane position alongside new signing Philippe ‘Vulcan’ Laflamme, and that he would start as second string, in a team that allegedely dosn’t want to play with him anymore.

'Communication was lackluster', Licorice claims

C9 Toplaner Licorice brought light to some of the issues the roster was having last year, he was aware that these problems were mostly on a big scale macro wise, and not tied to specific players, and it didn’t seem like it was resolvable, he thought he was the one who will be let go off which wasn’t something he wanted.

C9 Response:

In a tweet, Jack Founder & CEO of Cloud9 claimed that C9 has yet to issue an official statement as of today because Sneaky asked them to hold on while he asses his options for next year.

It’s official now that Jesper ‘Zven’ Svenningsen will be starting ADC for C9 alongside the Philippe ‘Vulcan‘ Laflamme in botlane next year.

Although his contract was extended to 2021 earlier this year, C9 expressed the possibility of letting him go, trading him with other teams, or giving him a chance of proving himself worthy of starting position.

The Future of Sneaky

As days go by, the possibility of Sneaky staying with C9 2020 is getting lower and lower, as he explained he doesn’t want to fight for his spot with people that didn’t want to play with him anymore, he explained in-stream he was willing to take a split or two off, try “the streaming thing” for a while or maybe swapping for another team.

Written by LePu

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