SKT vs G2 [WORLDS 2019] – Top 10 Plays

10. The Titans Clash and G2 comes ahead

Game 01, a very close game, Caps on split push duty threatens SKT’s sidelines making them take a hight risk team-fight near the Baron pit that ends up bad for SKT.

9. SKT Ace G2 !

Skt with the perfect team fight acing G2 and ending Game 02 with a win.

8. G2 Base Defence

A very unfavorable base fight ends up with G2 defending their inhib turret, Caps amazing target selection.

7. Clid Elder Dragon Steal

level 16 Clid comes in, takes the elder dragon, gets out.

6. Clutch Fight that Ends Game 3

Clutch fight between G2 and SKT ends up with G2 bearly finishing off game 3

5. Perkz Reaction Speed

Perkz instant Windwall an Elise cacoon from the botlane bush.

4. G2 Out Teamfight SKT

bloody fight in the midlane ends up by G2 taking the win.

3. Clid Insec on Perkz

The highlight of Game 02 comes from Clid Lee Sin Insec catching Perkz Xayah, no counter play.

2. Effort Perfect Solar Flair on Caps Orianna TP

Frame Perfect Solar Flair by Effort Leona win them the team fight against Caps and Wunder

Effort Flash ControlWard to give vison to enable his Yasuo to Ult

G2 vs SKT Ending and G2 advance to Finals

G2 advance to world 2019 finals, and will face FPX in Paris.

Written by LePu

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