League Offseason RUMORS That are Almost confirmed!

On November 18, the league of legends offseason will officially start as -unless resigned- all player contracts will end and free agency begins, but you can’t help but hear some rumors circulating around, possible roster trades, players changing teams, roles and more.

Before you read this article, kindly note that everything here is NOT confirmed, rumors, there were some talks all over worlds around these moves, but we won’t have anything confirmed until contracts are signed.

TL Resigns Xmithie, Keeps The 5 Man Roster, and looking for potential backup team.

Source: Travis Gafford​

Huni Agrees to Two-Year Extension for $2.3 million

Source: ESPN

Huni Switching to Midlane:

C9 Wanted Vulcan for over $1Million, deal canceled.

Wildturtle Resigns with FlyQuest for $700K, Santorin Stays for $500K

Olleh Leaves GGS, Joins FLY, (Olleh Wildturtle Botlane for FlyQuest)

GoldenGlue Joins Golden Guardiens

Ssumday Leaves 100 thieves, Bang Stays

Smoothie Leaves TSM joins CLG, Stixxay Stays with CLG, PowerOfEvil Undecided

IMT (Replaced Optic, Inherited player contracts) Crown Leaves, Dhokla top, IMT Dardoch Return to LCS, Mid open

Evil Genuises acquires 4 C9 Players for a multiple 7 figure deal, it's on hold for now.

Source: Travis Gafford and ESPN

Evil Genuises purchased Echo Fox LCS spot and was rumored to acquire Svenskeren, Zeyzal, Kumo, Deftly for a multiple 7 figure deal, the deal is on hold for now.

Licorice Stays, C9 Expanding to 15 players, Zven Joins C9.

Source: Travis Gafford 

C9 next year is up for a big shakeup, every player -other than Licorice- is up for grabs.

They may take Zven as starting ADC as well as TSM academy ADC Johnsun.

Sneaky rumored to either take a break or joins DIG as starting ADC.

There is a very good chance that Reapered won’t be the head coach next year.

Biofrost Returns to TSM, Kobe Joins TSM

Source: Travis Gafford 

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Written by LePu

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