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How to Make 150% On Your ETH with Tornado Cash High Yield Staking Opportunity.

Tornado Cash is one of my favorite projects, as we get into it you’ll see why it’s so innovative and why it helps you maintain your privacy when transacting on Ethereum.

I do encourage you to read this article because i’m going to show you a really interesting way to earn a high yield on single assets uh so this will work for Ethereum BTC DAI etc.

At a very high level Tornado Cach is a platform that allows for private transactions on Ethereum, now of course i’m going to do my best to explain how this protocol works and how you can really earn a substantial yield from it but if you have any more questions check out this medium post that will basically outline how these private transactions actually work from a technical level.

Tornado Cach is basically a smart contract that will accept your ETH or an ERC20 deposit from one address and you can withdraw it from a totally different address.

Let’s say you had 10 eth that you wanted to transfer to a totally new clean Ethereum address, you would be able to use tornado cash by sending your 10 ETH to this contract and then you could withdraw that to a totally clean address that has no ETH or any transaction history. 

Tornado Cach uses a relayer system so if you want to withdraw your deposit to an address that has no transaction history and no ether in it you’ll actually be able to do that.

This is the main Tornado Cash app page and you can see here that multiple different tokens are accepted so you can transact with ETH DAI compound USDC USDT and wBTC now with all of these tokens you’re going to notice that you have to deposit in fixed amounts so for ETH which is the example we’re going to be using throughout this article the deposit amounts are 0.1ETH, 1ETH, 10ETH and 100ETH the reason this is done is because if you were to deposit some arbitrary amount of each say 11.62ETH it’d be pretty obvious which address would be connected to that because there’s probably only going to be one address that deposited such a precise amount of eth.

Another thing you’ll notice with each of these amounts is that there’s a unique amount of user deposits in each anonymity set so 0.1ETH is one anonymity set and then 1ETH would be another anonymity set and you can see that all of these have a substantial amount of deposits. 

The 1ETH anonymity set has 14340 equal user deposits, that means it would be nearly impossible to say when you would draw to a totally clean ethereum address that 1ETH deposit could be connected to you in any way.

i should point out there’s a tutorial of how to stay completely anonymous using this protocol and you can read that article here, and there’s a few different suggestions they have to remain entirely anonymous but the main thing i would recommend is make sure that you have a vpn installed and running so that your location and ip address can’t be tracked.

If you want to use this platform for ETH or any erc20 first you would want to select the amount that you want to deposit and once you hit deposit a text file is automatically going to be generated with a very secure private key that you’ll be able to use to withdraw your funds later, so the text file is something you’re going to want to back up and keep in a very secure place, basically if you lose this key you’re going to lose access to your funds. 

After you’ve deposited your eth or erc20 it’s best to give it some time so that other people can deposit from different ip addresses and the transactions get more muddled and hard to track if you wait a few days or a week or more you should be fine so once it’s time to withdraw you copy and paste the note in the withdraw section and you can enter any recipient address to receive your funds now this recipient address can be a totally new Ethereum address that’s not connected to your identity or a centralized exchange.

What about the Yield?

I mentioned that there’s a really interesting way to earn a yield through tornado cash, before i get into the high yield single asset yield farming opportunity
i do want to just cover the liquidity providing opportunity through tornado so it’s a bit tricky to find because tornado cash didn’t actually build a front end for this but if you go through which is a common yield farming calculator you can see that there is an incentivized TORN/ETH lp pair on uniswap and you can see here that the returns are about 84% for this uniswap pool

This is a really interesting option but but what i’m really excited about with Tornado Cash is their anonymity mining platform; so if you go back to the main page and you deposit any of the assets you’re actually going to be rewarded with that tornado token for depositing and just holding your deposit through the tornado platform smart contract, the tornado community actually did this because they want to incentivize a lot of deposits in the app, this just helps with the overall security of the platform and makes sure that all transactions really are anonymous.

There’s very little information about this online, i’m obviously going to walk through everything you need to know but i think this is kind of an undiscovered single asset farming opportunity because the yields really are very high and there’s no interface to show you the yields, i’m actually going to be showing you everything through an excel spreadsheet that if you are interested in this i will include a link to a document that describes the whole anonymity mining incentive structure and it also has the tokenomics.

So the way it works is basically as long as you have that asset deposited in the tornado smart contract you’re going to be rewarded with something called an ap or anonymity point so let’s say you deposited 1ETH and a month later you come back and withdraw your 1ETH you can claim your anonymity points and you can convert those to $TORN.

What’s really cool about this is that these yields are substantially higher than any other single asset staking opportunity I’ve seen so let’s jump right in and walk through that now, we will use this spreadsheet and the main thing here is that the $TORN USD price and the anonymity point or ap to TORN rate is going to have to be manually updated by you.

Note that in this picture above the Gas price was high (100) which would make most deposits unprofitable for a long time unless you are playing with big bags, so a good rule of thumb would be to wait for low gas prices (sub 50gwei) to do anything on Ethereum, that would be the weekend nights Saturdays and Sundays.

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Written by LePu

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