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Sneaky Unveils Sexy Star Guardian Xayah Cosplay!

While Sneaky is not playing for c9 2020, he has all the time to amaze us with his cosplays, star guardian xayah is his first 2020 cosplay

Star Guardian Xayah is one of the popular skins in league of legends, the skin cost 1350RP and the dress Sneaky chose was a perfect replica of the 1350 RP skin in-game, while he capped off the design with the wing-style cape  a hallmark of Xayah and Rakan’s design.

Can you believe that this is a man ? this is Sneaky a popular League of Legends pro gamer and savy cosplayer always amazes us with his sexy cosplays from the league of legends and anime universe.

This time he went on to cosplay Star Guardian Xayah a sexy skin for the popular ADC champion Xayah in league of legends.

With help from his girlfriend, Esther Lynn, the costumes are always on point, and a new photographer Martin Wong was responsible for shinning some cameras in his sexy face.

Sneaky usually cosplays hot fictionnal girls sometimes from the league of legends universe sometimes other animes and games, one thing in commun is that all of them are sexy aime-like girls that make most men confused.

Check uout more details on each cosplay he made here, and you can watch more hot cosplays he streamed below.

Written by LePu

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