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Overslept CaptainFlowers Misses Week 5 LCS Spring 2020


CaptainFlowers misses week 5 broadcast and this or That epidose, because he streamed too late and couldn’t wake up in time for rehearsals.

Who is CaptainFlowers ?

Clayton “CaptainFlowers” Raines the 29yo play by play League of Legends caster, Diamond II Jungler and Skarner main, he is currently working as a caster for the North American League Championship Series (LCS) in Los Angeles, California.

Overslept CaptainFlowers:

After an exciting live stream CaptainFlowers hosted on Twitch busting out his signature Skarner pick obliterating Vel’koz left and right, destroying Nexuses and feeding a little.

The day after the stream, he shared on his twitter the news that he overslept didn’t wake up for his call time for weekly internet show “This or That”.

is it a Zirene repeat ?

In worlds 2018, Zirene overslept and missed a cast for worlds. This was when worlds was in Korea but casted in NA so it was a rough schedule for casters. He got taken off the broadcast team for group stages, and he chose to step down for the rest of worlds, eventually the following year he parted ways with Riot.

Some people were mad at Riot strict rules and were asking if CaptainFlowers would get Zirene’d, CaptainFlowers responded that it was his fault and he assumed full responsibility of his actions.

CaptainFlowers confirmed that he will resume work starting week 6 as usual and we will get to see his rap god casting skills in action next week.

Written by LePu

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